Welcome to Cadence Kitchen

Hey everyone! I'm Cody, here with my dear friend Chef Aline.

I've always wanted to learn how to cook and yet the kitchen was a mystery to me. I met Aline on set while she was cooking for my friend Channing Tatum and it changed my life. I understood that she's not just cooking one -off meals, There's a flow in her kitchen that makes everything easier. I begged her to teach me to cook and she and I decided to create Cadence Kitchen so we can all learn together.

Imagine opening your fridge to find  delicious leftovers you can incorporate into a new dinner in only 15 minutes.
Imagine opening your fridge to find  delicious leftovers you can incorporate into a new dinner in only 15 minutes.

Imagine opening your fridge to find  delicious leftovers you can incorporate into a new dinner in only 15 minutes.

This is totally possible… even if you’re a complete beginner. No more being reliant on ordering in or the single avocado in the back of your pantry.

Introducing: Cadence Kitchen

In just 3 weeks, you'll learn how to actually cook...not just follow a recipe.

Watching cooking shows and scrolling through aesthetic posts is cool, but we are here for people who actually want to learn how to cook.
Watching cooking shows and scrolling through aesthetic posts is cool, but we are here for people who actually want to learn how to cook.

Watching cooking shows and scrolling through aesthetic posts is cool, but we are here for people who actually want to learn how to cook.

Learn how to cook for yourself in a way that fits your schedule, is minimal waste, and guides you every step of the way.


Cadence has changed my cooking perspective from something I have to do to something I want to do. It's now a form of self care. - Day Daniells

I found the idea of cooking anything incredibly daunting. After taking this course, I feel a lot more confident and independent in the kitchen. I feel like I can definitely make these recipes again (maybe even with slight changes, like swapping out meats), and I also feel like I can go forth and figure out how to make other meals. - Nicki, 3-Week Program Participant

I usually follow recipes using exact quantities and exact timings. Cooking with Cadence Kitchen helped me to be a little more relaxed as far as quantities and timings by looking and tasting. -  3-Week Program Participant

Enrolment for our Beta group is closed!

Our 3-week program is in session, but you can sign up for notifications about our next program below.

Meet Chef Aline

At 15 years old, I started to have stomach and digestion issues; neither medication nor dieting was healing my stomach in the long term.

In 2003, I moved to Australia and became a chef. Since I graduated, I started to learn more about how food and the cooking process affect our health, so I began to study Ayurvedic medicine in 2008. I put the Ayurvedic knowledge into practice with myself and noticed a vast improvement in my digestive system and overall health. I realized: We are what we eat and absorb.

I have continued studying nutrition, superfoods, and functional food. In 2013, after visiting California to learn about raw food, I ended up staying and getting certified in Nutrition Education at Orange Coast College. Since then, I've been working as a private chef to help clients in Hollywood reach their nutrition goals in a sustainable and enjoyable way. My passion is cooking and healing ourselves with what nature gave to us. I believe in organic ingredients and eating lots of fruits and vegetables; they are great nutrition-dense food, great cleanser, and yummy. Have a treat here and there. Everything in moderation is fine. There is always a healthier option.

Meet Cody

I can’t wait to cook with you! If you think I look vaguely familiar it’s because in my former life I was an actress in fabulous things like Magic Mike and The Office. I now have a company called Two and You where we work with talented people to help them tell their stories (check out the Sparkella and Think Like a Horse books). In this context I’m somebody who, probably like you, is often thinking about food. I’m kind of reliant on hot bars and Postmates and spend way too much time worrying about logistically where to source my next meal. I really want to learn how to cook! I’m a total beginner and I’m thrilled to hang out in the kitchen with Aline and you all…mostly just to make fun of her accent.

How the Cadence Kitchen Program Works

We'll gather for three weeks: April 11th to May 2nd.

Every week you’ll receive an email with your weekly shopping list, meal guidebook, an invite to a live check in zoom with Chef Aline, and four cooking in real time videos. You’ll have all the information you need to cook and repurpose the leftovers for the week!

Your weekly shopping list and cooking guidebook for 4 weekly meals delivered to your inbox
Access to pre-recorded videos with in real-time step-by-step teaching
Weekly live zooms with Chef Aline
3 bonus videos to help set up your kitchen: Pantry Basics, Kitchen Basics and a special dessert
Accountability and community through our members forum

The magic of Chef Aline: cooking skills, nutrition, a minimal waste kitchen and having fun!

Who is Cadence Kitchen for?

This program was designed by us, a beginner in the kitchen and a professional chef, to meet you where you're at in your cooking journey.

This is for anyone wanting to start cooking, learn kitchen basics, stack a week's worth of recipes to reduce time and waste and get 12 new chef created recipes you can make at home.

I'm looking for Efficiency & Saving Time
I'm looking for Efficiency & Saving Time

No need for hours of meal prep – we've got you covered with your weekly shopping list and efficient recipes that save you from food waste and dining out expenses. Stream our cooking videos whenever works in your schedule to jump in the kitchen.

I'm New to the Kitchen
I'm New to the Kitchen

This is a place of flow, community, growth and ease. Each video is ready for a complete beginner. We will give you step by step instructions with the videos being in real time. No pausing or rewinding needed! And...guess what...Aline makes mistakes too…as a professional chef!

I'm looking for Community
I'm looking for Community

Join our community forum to share progress, ask questions, and bond over food adventures. Get daily answers to your cooking queries with live Q&A sessions and forum responses from Chef Aline. We're in this together.

I'm looking for Consistency
I'm looking for Consistency

With Cadence Kitchen we will cook once, enjoy all week by incorporating leftovers. With a small bit of effort and intentionality, we can still enjoy eating different meals every day. We’re all about eliminating decision fatigue and stacking patterns in a way that works for you in the long-term.

What makes this program different?

  • We’re not about perfection, mastery or aesthetics. 

  • We are about learning how to cook, not just how to follow a recipe.

  • We are about staying in real-time the entire video. No editing, skipping steps or jumping around. We cook together step by step.

  • We are about learning how to recipe stack in a way that works personally for you, incorporating leftovers into a flowing meal plan that is fun, nutritious and delicious. 

  • We are about having fun and finding community while in our kitchens. You won't be cooking alone!

Want a taste of cooking with us?

Enter your email to access a free video series and guidebook where Chef Aline shows us how to cook eggs in 5 different styles. It’s the perfect thing to spice up your usual breakfast (or impress a new friend after a sleepover!)

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When do we begin?

The program begins April 11th and ends on May 2nd. Access and watch the egg series for free at any time!

What kind of diet does Cadence Kitchen follow?

While Aline incorporates her knowledge of Ayurvedic and nutrition principles, Cadence Kitchen is not teaching you to restrict yourself to a certain kind of diet. The Cadence Kitchen program isn’t about telling you how to eat, it’s telling you how to create a cooking routine for your kitchen that is nutritious but also adaptable to your favorite foods and dietary preferences. Ultimately the goal is for you to be in charge of the flow of your kitchen. The weekly zooms and community forum are great places to ask for alternative ingredients that suit your dietary needs.

What if I miss a live gathering?

The weekly live gatherings are optional and all members of the program will be sent zoom recordings. If you can't make it,  you can also hop on the community forum to ask your questions and Aline will respond within a day or so.

What if I have questions?

For questions about joining the program, you can contact hello@cadencekitchen.com